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  • Hydrologic

    Smart Water Purification Systems

    World class water purification systems by Hydro Logic

  • pH and ppm meters

    Measure pH, PPM, Conductivity & Temperature

    Care for your garden quickly and easily

  • Plant's Nutrients

    Nutrient Solutions for Plant

    Grow bigger, higher yield crops

  • Grow Lights and Ballats

    Grow Light and Ballasts

    Ideal lighting systems for your indoor garden

Good Guys Gardening Center Inc is an online hydroponic and garden supply retailer designed for the outdoor and indoor gardening enthusiast. After 8 years of selling gardening nutrients and supplies in Williams Lake British Columbia, we have decided to give customers throughout Canada and the United States the ability to shop at our store through the internet.

Our Goal has always been to maximize our customers yields without breaking their budget. Good Guys Gardening Center is always increasing our variety of products to stay up to date with the ever changing gardening supply market. Our inventory now has thousands of products available for our valuable online and offline customers.

Our One Stop Indoor Gardening Shop is staffed by knowledgeable people who love hydroponics and are passionate about gardening.


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Nutrients & Supplements
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Rooting & Propagation
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