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Lumen farms 4x4 tent

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Lumen 4x4 and 2x4 Odorless HID Package

2X4 Odorless HID Package

Lumen farms 2x4 tent comes along with the 400 watt high intensity discharge cool tube as well as an odorless lighting package. It is generally designed and intended for efficient heat venting and maximized yields. Listed and explained below are its top features and their corresponding benefits.


  • Cool tube reflector

  • 4-inch carbon filter uses 100% australian virgin charcoal

  • Made of premium high-quality aluminium

  • 400 watt dimmable electronic ballast

  • 400 watt High-Pressure Sodium grow lamp for bloom cycle growing

  • 400 watt Metal Halide grow lamp for vegetable cycle growing

  • 6 inch clip fan for enhanced air circulation to allow good food growth

  • 4 inch inline fan with a leather sheath and variable speed controller

  • Dual outlet digital timer to automate your lighting cycles

  • Hygrometer-thermometer that measures both humidity and temperature


  • Maintains the atmosphere of your tent for optimal growth

  • Filters odors and impurities to keep your air clean, fresh, and contaminant-free

  • Operates quietly and has an incredibly long life

  • Reflects light and vents all the heat out

  • Utilizes the soft start technology to lengthen the life of the lamp

4x4 Odorless HID Package

This combo package is primarily designed for those growers who are intent on pushing their yields to the maximum limit possible. It basically incorporates all the various gears that are necessary for starting the growing exercise. It can accommodate up to four plants at a time. Below is a breakdown of the major constituent features of the package together with the accompanying roles and benefits.


  • 600-watt Metal Halide grow lamp for vegetable cycle growing

  • 600-watt High-pressure Sodium lamps grow lamp for bloom cycle growing

  • 600-watt dimmable electronic ballast

  • 4 fabric pots for adding soil and seeds

  • 6-inch Carbon filter which uses 100% Australian virgin charcoal

  • 6-inch clip fan for enhanced air circulation for enhanced plant growth

  • Dual outlet digital timer that automates the lighting cycles

  • The 6-inch inline fan that has a leather sheath and a variable speed controller

  • The inner reflective area that is coated with a highly reflective aluminium

  • 2 sets of 1/8-inch rope ratchet for you to hang your light and fan safely and securely


  • Directs all the light to your plants for maximum results

  • Increases the absorption of oxygen to your roots to improve the intake of nutrients

  • Makes your operations more efficient

  • Creates an airtight attachment of your ducting and vents

  • Has an overheating protection feature

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Lumen Farms

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