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Grodan Hugo Cube (StoneWool)

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Grodan Hugo Gro-Blocks (StoneWool)

Hugo Cube also known as Hugo Block is one such transformation and is used as an excellent source for water holding and aeration in your garden or greenhouse. It holds approximately 80 percent of water when saturated to full capacity.

The Hugo is the largest of the growing blocks / cubes. The cube is a 6 x 6 x 6 block with one block / strip hole that can support bigger plants with 3 – 4 ft of vertical growth.

Water is evenly distributed throughout the block as designed, to guarantee supported plant growth. The base of the cube has built in drainage and the cube itself is wrapped in plastic to hold moisture and prevent the growth of alga.

Uniformly made; the cube allows for direct sowing or blocking. It also fits well with 36 / 40 plugs.

As a result of the natural balanced nutrients already embedded in the material, water propagation and the uniformity that the cube offers. It is known throughout the market to produce consistent, high-quality plants.

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Manufacturer Grodan