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HydroLogic Add On Kit (De-Ionization 10"x2.5")

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Add On Kit (De-Ionization)

With this de-ionization add-on kit you can make sure that your water source is going to be as pure and clean as possible. The DI (de-ionization) filter is an integral component for the P-P (post-polishing) cycle that occurs at the end of the RO process.

There are specific situations that demand that water sources are contaminant-free. 99.9% pure H20 is the standard rating for water being used by pharmaceutical companies. This meticulously filtered water is also coveted by aquarium owners and hydroponic gardeners.

Reverse osmosis is the preferred water filtration method but there could still be minute amounts of TDS present. TDS are the total dissolved solids which remain after the water has been purified. These compounds include phosphates, silicate and nitrates.

The De-Ionization kit will effectively remove these trace particles from your water source. The final RO cycle will then deliver water with a 99.9-100% purity rating.

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