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HydroLogic Add On Kit - De-Ionization 10"x4.5" (1 GPM)

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Add On Kit - De-Ionization (10"x4.5")

With a reverse osmosis filtering system you want to achieve the cleanest water possible. This water purification process is widely used by hydroponic gardeners who appreciate the superior water quality that RO has to offer. Purchasing an add-on feature can greatly enhance the results that are obtained when using a standard RO system.

The (1gpm) De-Ionization add-on filtration kit contains a 10in x 4.5in water filter. It is specifically designed as an after-purchase component for use with the SuperLogic RO system and the Evolution RO 1000.

The ultimate goal of most hydroponic gardeners is to obtain water that tests out at a 99.99% level of purity. This is also translated as ZERO parts per million. 99.99 is also the water purity standard preferred by medical, aquarium and manufacturing companies.

During the final stages of reverse osmosis the water could still contain minute particles of phosphate, silica or nitrate. In some instances it is also possible to detect minimal amounts of TDS which are (total dissolved solids).

With this compact de-ionization filter/kit you can boost the filtration performance during the polishing/post phase of reverse osmosis. The filter will remove the smallest trace contaminants and help you achieve the highest level of water purity- ZERO ppm.

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