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Advanced Nutrient Revive

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Ingredients: The main components include sulfur, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus which provide a comprehensive crop diet. The formula has essential rejuvenating agents such as safe forms of iron which can rescue your plants and give you a great harvest.

Features and Benefits

  • The beneficial fungi maximize the absorption of water, nutrients, and oxygen by the roots.

  • It corrects nutrient deficiencies, and repairs damaged and stressed plants as well as helping the plant roots in gaining surface mass.

Directions for Use

You can apply the formula in hydroponic solutions, soil, or foliar. Never use under direct HID or direct sunlight.

  • Foliar Spray: use 3ml for each liter of water (3tsp for each gallon). If necessary, repeat after one week.

  • Hydroponics: Use 5ml per liter of water if you want to correct deficiencies. Repeat after one week if there is the need.

  • Regular feeding program: use a 1 ml per liter or one tsp. per gallon to increase the concentration of the essential elements in the solution. Repeat the procedure after one week if there is the need.

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Advanced Nutrients

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