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Advanced Nutrients B-52

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B-52 Vitamin (Energy Booster)

Advanced Nutrient B-52 Vitamin gives plants the widest possible range of vitamins needed for robust plants that are resistant to disease and stress and produce big harvests. It offers any grower the convenience of providing all the necessary nutrients directly to the plant’s leaves and roots. This unique formula benefits most plants including seedlings, transplants, and clones. It is a huge stimulant for vegetative growth, flowering, and fruiting.

The three major components are

  • Vitamin B-1, which a special vitamin supplement that stimulates better harvests. It additionally promotes carb creation in plants and helps plants utilize the starch as energy. This builds strong vegetative growth and also improves the flowering process.

  • Humic Acid which is derived from leonardite a natural ingredient that has numerous benefits to plants.

  • Sea Kelp a very potent of hydroponics-grown plants. It is completely natural and safe.

It also has vitamin B5 that is essential for improved cellular growth. Its folic acid content improves plant growth by maintaining healthy DNA and overall metabolism.

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Advanced Nutrients

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