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Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

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Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Offers a reliable and easy way to bring a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients to your plants and flowers

Appropriate and precise ratios of phosphorus and potassium create larger flowers and L form amino acids make plants larger with well formed flowers that will give you more value and potency

  • Guaranteed Results from Big Bud

  • Bigger Flowers

  • More potent flowers

  • Higher market valued flowers

  • Liquid formula is easier for absorption and mixing

Directions: To be used in all hydroponics, drip irrigation, Aeroponics, NFT, Flood and drain as well as continuous liquid feed growing systems

Use 2mL per Liter through weeks 2 - 4 of flowering (1 Tea spoon is equal to 5mL)

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Advanced Nutrients

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Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients