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Bud Blood Powder Advanced Nutrients

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Bud Blood (Plants Protector)

Your grow room could soon be overflowing with a bountiful harvest of fat, fragrant flower buds. Just add Bud Blood to your gardening arsenal and watch those plants grow! This nutrient rich formula will accelerate natural blooming cycles and minimize the waiting time between planting and harvesting.

Hydroponic gardeners often find that their time and resources are exhausted while they are still waiting for crops to mature. Now you can shorten the growing period, boost productivity, improve the size of buds/flowers and produce multiple harvests in a single season.

Advanced Nutrients offers a patented formula that helps you can get a jump-start on Mother Nature. The concentrated liquid supplement encourages earlier plant maturation and helps produce heavier yields during each harvest season. Formula can be used in any gardening environment and applied to all growing mediums.

Product Features

  • *100% money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the results*

  • Exact ratios of essential ingredients that include sulfur, kelp, phosphorus and potassium

  • Promotes intense growth of buds and flowers

  • Strengthens the natural immunity of each plant

  • Allows plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently

  • Triggers earlier maturity in a wide variety of plants

  • Decreased growing time means faster crop turnover-enjoy repeated harvests throughout a single growing season

  • Flowers and buds grow faster and larger for higher crop yields

  • Increases root development


  • For use with plants that are transitioning from beginning growth cycle to the blooming/fruiting stage

  • Can be used as a sole agent, or combined with other fertilizers, plant supplements and nutrient feeds.

  • Works with any growing medium

  • Excellent choice for aeroponic, irrigation, hydroponic and CLF gardens

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Advanced Nutrients

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