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Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy (Bloom Enhancer)

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Bud Candy (Bloom Enhancer)

Boost bloom and bud production for your garden site. BudCandy Bloom Enhancer is a rich source of accessible carbs for plants. This combination of organic amino acids, glucose and botanical vitamins is the fuel that spurs the development of potent, aromatic buds.

Regular use will produce lush, dense foliage and strong healthy plants. Rapidly increases the size and number of blooms. Specialized formula contains essential compounds for intense growth. Provide those absorbable carbohydrates that nourish the roots and stimulate the production of heavier, more valuable crop yields. Treat your plants to this proven and powerfully effective botanically based “candy” from Advanced Nutrients.

Product Features

  • Enhance bud development

  • Develops majestic buds with intense potency

  • Increase aromatic oils

  • Ingredients include malt, cane sugar and berry extracts

  • Source of nutrition for beneficial bacteria

  • Increases root system development

  • Ideal source of natural glucose compounds

  • Promotes more efficient uptake of essential nutrients

User Directions

  • Follow product instructions to encourage maximum plant growth

  • Designed for use with the blooming cycle (1st six weeks of the flowering stage)

  • Add 2 cc of formula to a quart of H2O and apply to plant roots/growing medium

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Advanced Nutrients

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