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Advanced Nutrients Additives Bud Factor-X

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Bud Factor X

Grow an organic, indoor garden that totally makes you proud. Enjoy an abundance of flourishing flowers and bountiful buds. Bud Factor X provides the bio-active agents that will boost bud production in any garden environment. Specific natural compounds target photosynthesis and keep plants growing even when the cells would normally be resting.

Eliciting maximum growth rates from your plants is easy when this formula is being used on a regularly scheduled basis.  Creates distinctively larger, more fragrant buds that offer visual appeal and intense aromas.

This patented combination of active ingredients is formulated to increase the more desirable plant characteristics such as flavor, fragrance and flower production.  Regular use will give your garden the energy, health and heavy crop yields that you have always hoped to achieve.

Bud Factor-X encourages plants to produce an abundance of essential oil compounds, terpinoids and resins. These designated botanical factors help protect plants from falling victim to pests and diseases. Resin, aromatic oils and terpinoid compounds also spur the development of maximum fragrance and flavor. The formula also contains selected levels of vitamins and nitrogen which stimulates rapid root expansion and development.  Regular use of this X-citing plant supplement is a proven way to generate exceptional harvest yields.


  • Scheduled use should be during the 1st through the 6th week of the flowering cycle

  • Can be directly sprayed onto the flower buds

  • Promotes vigorous bud growth/development

  • Potentiates efficient photosynthetic activity

  • Keep plants working even during their normal “sleep” hours

  • Powerful extracts boost the yield from all gardens


  • Instantly dilutes when mixed with water

  • Highly concentrated for long-lasting use

  • Maximizes growth and production during the complete blooming cycle

  • Resourced from natural components

  • Designed to spur rapid production of buds and flowers


  • Use according to label directions.

  • Combine 2 milliliters with each L of water and spray directly on to your plants

  • Give buds a boost of growing power by spraying them directly

  • Best time to apply the spray is just before dark (or when your lighting system is scheduled to go dark)

  • As an alternative you may apply the spray 20-30 minutes before lighting activation occurs

  • Check pH levels (ideal level is 5.8) before applying the mixture to garden plants

  • Do not use in conditions where excess humidity is present

  • Do not spray buds during the last three weeks prior to harvesting


  • Best results when this is paired with your chosen plant fertilizer

  • Ideal for greenhouses, hydroponic gardens, indoor grow rooms and other enclosed growing environments

  • Can be adapted for use in outdoor garden settings

  • Begin adding this concentrated supplement during the earliest weeks of the flowering cycle (weeks 1-6)

  • Use should be halted during the final 3 weeks that lead up to your planned harvest

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