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Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

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Bud Ignitor

Advanced Nutrients offers a unique additive that lets you ignite the blooming cycle for your hydroponic plants. The unique combination of potassium, phosphorous and other organic compounds stimulates the production of massive amounts of buds. Bud Ignitor has been designed to fuel the cellular activity that creates those deep, distinctive flavors and powerfully potent buds that every grower hopes to achieve.

Harvesting the maximum yield from herbs is much easier when you are giving the plants the nutrients that are required during each phase of development. This formula provides the essential compounds that spur metabolic activity and triggers the explosive formation of multiple bud sites.

Product Features

  • Designed for use during the initial 2 weeks of a blooming cycle

  • Double (or triple) the amount of buds your plants are producing

  • In just 14 days 75-100% of plant nodes will have initiated bud development

  • Increase harvest yield and dollar value

  • Can be used as a singular additive 

  • May also use Bud Ignitor with other fertilizers and plant growth enhancers

  • Encourages denser, more intense growth of flowers and buds

  • Ideal for use in hydroponic gardens and indoor growing rooms


  • Combine 2 ml of formula with 1 L of H2O. Feed directly to the roots of your plants.

  • This product is compatible for use with many other nutrients and plant supplements.

*Not designed for use as a foliar feed

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Advanced Nutrients

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