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pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom and Grow (Part A/B)

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Connoisseur Bloom and Grow (Part A & B)

Advanced Nutrients understands both the demands of healthy plants and the expectations of discerning gardening customers. With Ultra-Premium pH Perfect Connoisseur it is possible to maximize vegetative growth and the development of big, bold blooms. This specialized formula contains all of the crucial compounds necessary to achieve heavy harvest yields and amazing numbers of dazzling brilliant buds. The ingredients are chelated so that every molecule of nutrition is available to fuel the energy needs of your plants. The high-tech formula includes a combination of humic acids, amino acids and fulvic acids that are designed to create explosive bloom development.

Connoisseur Bloom Part A and B: Ensures quicker and healthier blooming phase market valued potent buds.

Connoisseur Grow Part A and B: Increases amount of harvest with prolific grow phase.


  • Scientifically proven formula designed to be used by elite and dedicated growers

  • Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients

  • Buffers and adjusts pH levels

  • Boosts rate of growth and flowering

  • Automatically adjusts the pH levels in your garden thanks to pH Perfected Technology

  • Easy to mix, dilute and use

  • Chelation process naturally boosts the bio-availability of plant nutrients

  • Consistent Delivery of Quality Nutrients

  • Optimizes the uptake and transport of vital botanical nutrients

  • Generates higher productivity in any garden


  • Encourages heavier, more profitable harvest yields

  • Effective in the face of difficult growing conditions

  • Ensures constant rate of soluble nutrients are being delivered directly to your garden plants

  • Works with almost any gardening environment (not intended for use with recirculating coco garden systems)

  • Increases development of dense foliage, beautiful buds and flourishing flowers

  • Supports earlier flowering for maximum yields

  • Increases the development of aromatics and natural plant oils

  • Heightens flavors, improves textures and generates more visually appealing flowers/buds

  • Boosts your profit on the crops you choose to grow

  • Backed by the Advanced Nutrients satisfaction guarantee


  • Follow label directions.

  • Shake concentrate, measure amount needed, dilute with liquid and apply to your plants.

  • Use on a regular basis to promote maximum bloom production


  • Intended for use during the bloom cycles

  • Can also be utilized to boost vegetative growth during the earlier stages of plant development

  • Designed for experienced gardeners with the genuine desire to attain the maximum bloom performance from each plant

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