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Advanced Nutrient Microbial Munch

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Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch

CA$ 9.65

Advanced Nutrients Microbial Munch is a plant food or fertilizer designed by a team of botanists to promote healthy growth of bacteria and fungi that are beneficial for plant growth. Scientific trials over a number of years by a dedicated group of botanists have revealed a precise formula to achieve this goal.

  • Contains sucrose, non-GMO D-isomer glucose (also known as dextrose), di-potassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, yeast extract, and ammonium sulfate.

  • The exact ratios and mixtures of these ingredients have been studied by botanists and biotechnology scientists to ensure that they are of the precise ratio to achieve the greatest effect possible.

  • All of the nutrients included in the mixture are of pharmaceutical grade with the intention of decreasing the incubation time of the microbes, while increasing the time of their population growth to create a greater amount of beneficial bacteria and fungi, which in turn, make for healthier, more prosperous plants.

  • Scientific trials to test

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix two milliliters of microbial munch per every liter of water, along with whatever liquid fertilizer you plan on using.

Note: Add two milliliters of munch in per liter of Voodoo Juice, Piranha and Tarantula.

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