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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana Flower Booster

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Nirvana (Bloom Booster)

Organic Nirvana contains compounds that kick plant development into high gear. The combination of all-natural catalysts can be applied to leaves, vegetative growth and plant roots. When you are searching for a product that can spur bloom production, strengthen plant structure and increase flavor and fragrance this is the only plant additive that you need.

Created with a unique blend of plant hormones, amino acids, kelp extracts and energy-boosting sugars this product will provide those growing plants with all of the nutrients necessary to produce magnificent buds. Rich organic compounds such as yeast, B-complex vitamins and “azomite” also target individual plant cells so that growth and development are maximized.

Product Features

  • Alfalfa and kelp extracts help plants absorb carbon dioxide gases

  • Rich algae compounds stimulate cellular activity

  • Vigorous, productive growth of roots, leaves and flowers

  • Uses enzymes and soy-based proteins to boost flowering activity

  • Contains surfactant compounds that help transport essential nutrients to all plant structures

  • Specialized ingredients help plants resist environmental stressors and disease

Product Use Information

  • This product is designed for use with a wide range of garden herbs and flowers. Apply to seedlings, sprouts, young transplants as well as mature plant specimens.

  • Excellent choice for promoting success with cloning and fresh rooting.

  • The formula can be applied to foliage to promote healthier, denser growth of stems, flowers and leaves.

  • Use with your hydroponic plants-simply add to any root zone irrigation system.

  • Whenever you want to encourage higher levels of productivity with your crops Nirvana will provide the special nutrients that are needed.


  • *Product can be used throughout the life-cycle of your plants. For best results only apply as a foliar additive during first 1-3 weeks of plant growth.

  • Fresh Cuttings-Combine 15-20 cc to each gallon of H2O

  • Establishing Transplants-15 cc to 1 gallon of liquid (H2O)

  • Promoting Seed Germination- 1 teaspoon (5cc) to 1 gallon of liquid

  • Use to Encourage Vegetative Growth Cycle-10-15 cc to a gallon of liquid

  • During Flower/Fruit Cycle-Combine 15-20cc per each gallon of liquid

  • *Use 12-15 cc to a gallon of liquid/water or feed

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