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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive (Bloom Booster)

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Overdrive (Flower Enhancer)

Transform your garden into a powerhouse of blooming flowers when you give your plants proper nutrition. Now you can deliver the comprehensive amount of nutrients necessary to achieve spectacular heights of bloom production in your garden and greenhouse. The Overdrive flower enhancing formula by Advanced Nutrients contains botanical hormones, bio-active agents and essential minerals that spur powerful production of buds, blossoms and beautiful blooms.

As garden plants mature their need for energy sustaining compounds dramatically increase. Using this supplement by AN (Advanced Nutrients) is going to lead to optimal health and superior maturation. Overdrive boosts the natural resistance to environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures, prolonged periods of drought and botanical diseases.

Regular applications of this formula will also generate enormous blooms and improve garden yields. Instead of just settling for average harvests you can use this flower enhancer to reactivate the blooming cycle and produce additional buds and blooms.

Regular use potentiates the photosynthesis process and promotes more effective uptake of plant nutrients. Garden crops become stronger, healthier and more vibrant due to the increased availability of important organic compounds and vitamins.

Versatile formula enables the use of this product in all garden environments. Enhance flower production in outdoor gardens, for house plants, in greenhouses and hydroponic grow sites. Safe, natural plant supplement gives a beneficial boost to all crops.


  • Easy to use-just add to water and apply as directed

  • Maintains peak plant performance

  • Specialized for use during the late cycles of plant growth

  • Achieve the fullest potential from each individual garden plant

  • Promotes efficient photosynthesis

  • Fuels the intense cellular energy demands of rapidly maturing crops

  • Boosts structural/cellular development

  • Harvest yield can be increased by 10-25%

  • Supports superior plant health


  • Ingredients are extracted from safe, natural resources

  • Specialized formula can be applied to soil and soil-free growing mediums

  • Contains a wide array of important nutrients and vitamins

  • Spurs maximum development of aromatic oils, buds, blossoms and flowers

  • Proven to be a cost-effective solution for increasing harvest yield


  • Combine a Liter of H2O with 2 mL of this concentrated liquid formula.

  • Designed for use during the 5th and 6th weeks of the growth cycle to enhance flower/bud/bloom production

  • Apply during the final two weeks of the blooming cycle to stimulate additional flowers

Uses: Use to optimize plant health and increase heavier harvest yields and superior bloom production.

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