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Advanced Nutrients pH Down (Acid Ingredient)

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Pure Concentrate pH Down

It's an advanced pharmaceutical grade pH adjustment solution that is carefully manufactured to lower pH in any growth media. It is excellent for growth medias such as hydroponics, Rockwool, coco coir, aeroponics, sphagnum moss, and even soil.

By lowering the pH of a growth media to an appropriate level, this product allows the plants to enhance their nutrient uptake processes allowing for maximal absorption from the growth media.

High pH growth media makes the area around the roots of a plant alkaline. The alkalinity impairs the functions of plant cells in the roots and root hairs thereby impeding proper nutrient uptake. When the pH is too high, the roots get damaged all together, and plants begin to die off. This is why a grower is advised to regularly monitor and adjust the growth media pH accordingly.

It contains pure concentrates that cause an effective and consistent decline in growth media pH. It is also very cost effective and convenient even for novice growers.

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Advanced Nutrients

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