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Advanced Nutrients SensiZym

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Feed your plants a super powerful enzymes that is proven by growers and guaranteed. You will remove dead matter from roots with beneficial enzymes while creating nutrition that is recyclable and that saves a whole bunch of money.

The enzymes in Sensizym have been thoroughly tested to provide you with the longest shelf life possible.

  • Highly effective in your root zone and is a viable option when you need to remove dead root mas.

  • Saves money as you won't require more root zone material.

  • Nourishes beneficial microbes while breaking down your root zones dead material. Your plants will love and benefit from more nutrients while giving you great yields and more vigorous growth

Use this superior growing product with any sphagnum, coco coir, soil or hydroponic systems. Specially designed for aeroponics, NFT, drip systems, food and drain as well as systems and those using continuous liquid feed.

All you need to do is add 2ml per Liter throughout weeks 1 and 6 of your flower cycle.

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Advanced Nutrients

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