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Voodoo Juice Root Booster

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Voodoo Juice Root Booster

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice was specifically designed to help in cloning, rooting s well as to feed your roots providing you with better flowers and more powerful plants.

The beneficial bacteria and fungi will dissolve more air with substances or liquids, ensuring your roots get additional oxygen to create essential oils. This product also helps to capture nitrogen and will make more phosphorus available which is an essential major nutrient required by your growing plants.

Maximize your plants root development as well as transplants, clones and seedlings. Increases your plants root density, root mass as well as enhanced branching. Efficiency of nutrient intake is enhanced saving you time and money as you maximize your plants flowering and growth.

Directions for use: Use this advanced nutrients root enhancer in all sphagnum, hydroponics, coco coir, soil growth mediums, aerponics, drip irrigation, nft flood and drain as well as continuous liquid feed growing systems. Please use 2ml per Liter throughout weeks 1 and 2 of both vegetative and flowering phase.

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Advanced Nutrients

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