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Aeroflo 2 - 60 Sites (6"x6") 40 Gallon

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Aero Flo 2 Aeroponic System

Choosing to grow plants by aeroponics would require a mechanism that accepts a variety of sizes for adequate planting. There is need to take into consideration the capacity needed to carry out such operation and also purchase systems that allow proper delivery of oxygen, water and adequate plant nutrients.


  • It has a 6 ft grow chamber to maximize growth space for vegetables and flowers which usually fall in such height range.

  • It has a large reservoir of 40 gallons.

  • It houses a number of 60 plant sites that can be extended to 120 sites with an extension kit.

  • Aero flo 2 comes has an injection manifold for nutrient nourishment.

  • It has a TNC pump for reservoir drain.

  • Aeroflo has a good support structure with good plumbing fittings, leg stand and a general robust skeletal structure.

  • Other features include flora kits, 3 inch grow cups, clay pebbles and coco tek liners.

Direction for use:

  • Suspend your plant over the basic nutrient solution with in-house oxygen supply.

Tips for use:

  • Proper maintenance should be carried out to regularly to enable long lasting of equipment and constant output as it was when purchased.

  • Regular cleaning, servicing and technical fixations should be done too.

  • To ensure the plants get adequate nutrients and that they are fresh too, the reservoir solution should be changed every fortnight( 2weeks). A top-up of the solution  with water or ¼ nutrient solution is also good.

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