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Grow Room Air Sanitation System

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Airo Clean 420/Airo 50 Lamp (Plant Air Sanitation System)

Airo Clean 420:

The growing atmosphere plays a critical role in the quality of yield that a gardener receives. Scientists have been on the look out to develop products that enhance the growth and development of crops. Plants that grow in a contaminated environment may end up having some of those pollutants on them, consumption of such products may have adverse effects on the health of human beings. One of the modern inventions that are specifically designed to enhance the quality of yields is Airo Clean 20.

The Airo clean 420 was developed by NASA engineers to continually process any contaminated air by using a patented bio-conversion reactor. The Airo Clean 420 is a safe alternative to modern day fungicides. It has the ability to remove contaminants that occur naturally such as VOC’S, Allergens, Viruses, Bacteria, Blight, Downey Mildew, Gray Mold/Botrytis, and Powderly Mildew. They leave an exit air of 99.999987 percent after being mineralized through the Air Clean 420.

This product does not use or create any toxic gases or chemicals. The Airo Clean 420 CPO chamber eliminates all the VOC’s and airborne pathogenic micro-organism. The product can process any polluted room air and leave behind a 99.99998 contamination free environment. It makes sure that the crops are healthy and good for human consumption. This technology also enhances the growth and development of plants.

How Does It Works?

The air that is filled with pathogens or spores enters through the fan and is pushed in to the reactor bed. At that point, the spores are immobilized onto the photostatic surfaces and the other interior surfaces and are exposed to UVGI and surface bound radicals. The Airo Clean 420 has a very affordable and minimal operation cost.


  • Very safe and is certified and listed as an FDA medical device

  • Was invented by NASA and designed for a broad range of application that cut across almost all industries.

  • The technology makes use of a photocatalytic reactor and not a filter to kill airborne fungal diseases such as mycotoxins, viruses, bacteria, botrytis or gray mold, and powdery mildew.

  • Technology is green and has the certification of producing no ozone

  • Oxidizes VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and thus removes any unwanted organic odors and harmful gases

  • The installation process is very simple and can run on a 24/7 basis in almost all environments


  • A safe alternative to all fungicides

  • Sustainability insurance

  • Prevention of cross contamination

  • Can integrate into your current facility with ease.

  • Maintains integrity of the product

  • Traceability security

  • No ozone

  • Offers preventive controls

  • Removes unpleasant odors

  • Risk management and enhancement

  • Reduction of shrink

  • Prevention of infestation

  • No by-product

  • Quality assurance safeguard

Airo 50 Lamp:


  • The unit has a power consumption of 180 watts

  • It has a unit weight of 31 Lbs.

  • Pre-set/non-switchable power of the technology is 120V/220V

  • Dimensions of the unit are 27.5 Inches by 18.5 Inches by 5.5 Inches

  • Recommended available amp for this technology is 2 Amps/1 Amp

  • Power cord has an available custom length of 9 feet


  • Energy efficient

  • Enhances the quality of yields

  • Has low operational costs

  • Easy installation process

  • Only calls for annual maintenance

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