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Ant Killer - Chemfree - Good Guys Gardening

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Ant Killer White Powder

It is the ultimate weapon to eliminating ants either in the house or the garden. It comes in either powder form or as a liquid spray.

The Chem-Free Ant Killer Powder; made from diatomaceous earth, has bait so as to attract the ants for elimination. It kills the ants by ingestion and dehydration within 48 hours. Diatomaceous earth is advantageous that insects cannot develop resistance to it because there are no chemicals to which they can develop immunity. It is odorless and non-staining. This aspect makes it convenient to use around kids, food and even pets while keeping the ants at bay.

The Chem-Free Ant Killer Liquid, made from permethrin (a synthetic version of natural chrysanthemum oil); comes with a ready-to-use trigger spray. The spray is fast acting and kills the ants on contact. It, however, leaves a residue which continues to kill the ants for up to four weeks.

Both chemfree ant killer liquid and powder have been by the Organic Materials Review Institute, hence are proven safe for use.

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