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Automatik plant timmer machine

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Trimpro Automatik

Are you tired of trimming? Long days or even weeks of monotinous work and always wishing you didn't need to do this work? Well guess what. You're about to see how your life is going to get much better simply by ordering a TrimPro Automatik today.

This awesome machine will do the work for you! It is build with a very strong and reliable 3 phase motor that has a built in variable speed dimmer. You will also love the four adjustable blades assembly and the shape and design is a circular hermetic shape is the reason for the beneficial whirlwind air flow.

If you want the safest and fastest trimmer on the market today, then the Trimpro Automatik is for you!

The best way to use this machine to get the results you want and need it to remove the flowers from the branches. Fresh is best, so please do this as soon as you remove the branches from your living plants. Then, all you need to do is drop them in to the trimmers top container and then let Trimpro do what they do best which is trimming.

Apparently we should be providing you with General warnings. When we were kid we didn't need general warning like the ones below, but thats probably because we weren't dumb asses. Anyhow, here are your general warnings. Try to pay attention.

  • Hey stupid - don't put your gloves or fingers or any other part of your body in contact with blade or grate

  • Don't put anything heavy on the grate or apply pressure.

  • Use the brain god gave you and stay away from using knives, scissors, or other dumb things on the machine or on the grate either when it is on, or off.

  • Use safety glasses. This will allow you to continue reading these types of safety warnings instead of learning how to read brail.

  • Use tight gloves. Yes they need to be tight, so that they don't accidently slip into the slots on the grate. If this happens you could lose one of your fingers. Wear gloves, keep your fingers. Fingers are cool.

Lastly you should know that the manufacturer already knows that some of you are not going to follow the rules of being responsible owners. Chances are some of you are going to damage your new trimmers by assembling them incorrectly or from using it for things that it is not made for. Therefore, the manufacture won't take any responsibility for this. Seems fair, don't you think?

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