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HydroLogic BigBoy KDF85/Catalytic Filter (20" X 4.5")

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Big Boy Kdf85 Carbon Filter

The new and improved Big Boy RO water filter now comes with an upgraded filter. This catalytic carbon filter now features a double filter life of 50000 gallons. The upgrade filter membrane is thus a higher flow membrane with an improved recovery rate that effectively reduces the time required for one to refill a storage tank. You can, therefore, have confidence that you will have water even when the demand for water is at its highest.

Since a reverse osmosis membrane is at the heart of any water filtration system, our product is optimized with an enriched KDF filtration media that effectively reduces harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, and scale. This is in addition to its trusted effectiveness in removing other contaminants such as sulfur, VOCs, and iron as well as sediments such as silt sand and rust. Top-notch water purity is achieved such that the water produced is clean and has no offending tastes or odors.

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