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Alg A Mic

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Alg A Mic

Alg A-Mic is a fully organic stimulant, additive, and vitality booster for crops that makes use of the many benefits of cold-pressed seaweed concentrate. This product is a high-quality seaweed formula that has a healthy mixture of micronutrients such as calcium and magnesium, amino acids, vitamins, and other useful hormones that are extracted from vegetables. Alg A Mic will make your crops green, lush, and healthy after you apply. 

You can apply Alg-A-Mic during all growth stages to boost chlorophyll absorption and as an organic stress reliever. It helps your plants to reduce the impact from common stressors like humidity, changes in temperature, diseases and pests, deficiencies in nutrients, and overfeeding just to name a few.

Reduced stress among plants will free up a lot of energy to support increased yields and growth. Moreover, increasing the rate of absorption of chlorophyll green, healthy, and juicy foliage. You can either use this product from BioBizz as a foliar spray or soil drench. Using Alg-a mic as a foliar spray goes a long way in boosting the level of absorption of chlorophyll.

One of the factors that has made Alg-A-Mic to become a renowned additive in the community of organic gardening is its diverse mix of natural crop nutrition. According to the manufacturer, you are free to use this fertilizer with all forms of growing substrates but it is recommended to use the product in the form of a foliar spay if you are purely growing in soil. Some of the benefits of using high-quality seaweed based fertilizers on crops include;

  • Better acclimatization to the fluctuations in temperature

  • High resistance to crop diseases

  • Rise in the development of beneficial microbes in your soil

  • High rate of chlorophyll absorption

Biobizz Alg A Mic Dosage

You can use 2 to 5ml of Alg-A-Mic for each liter of water if you are applying it as a soil drench. However, you should use 1 to 3ml of this product for each liter of water if you are applying it as a foliar spray. It contains very low levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) and hence you cannot overfeed the plants during the application. However, there is no need to waste your money by applying too much of the product.

You can apply Alg A-Mic during each watering session as a soil drench or two times every week as foliar spray. This spray should be kept far from the grow lamps if you are using it as a foliar spray. It is recommended to do the spraying when the lights are off.

Is Alg-A-Mic Suitable for all Substrates

You can use this fertilizer in all growth environments in the form of foliar spray irrespective of the substrate. However, as an organic product, Alg A-Mic is highly effective in soil because soil has the bacteria that break down these organic compounds into solutions that your plants can use as nutrients. You can use it with other substrates but it’s not recommended because you can find other products on the market that are specially designed for the other substrates and they achieve higher results.

Alg-A-Mic is not a nutrient product but a booster and you need to use it with other nutrient products because it has very low levels of NPK. Plants require more than the essential mix of nutrients to flourish. Therefore, the use of additives like Alg-A-Mic is not a waste of time because they have a broad range of benefits that can assist plants to encourage growth and increase defense.

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