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Bio Heaven Bio Bizz 1L

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Bio Heaven

Bio heaven is a fully organic biological stimulant for crop use from BioBizz. It is manufactured from the natural sources of proteins and this makes it a rich source of amino acids. Enzymes are the basic building blocks for proteins and they play a critical role in metabolism and building healthy structures in plants.

There are several benefits that come when you feed your plants on these biological building blocks. They free crops from the toxins that pile up because of several stressors like fluctuations in the levels of heat, improving production of chlorophyll, enhancing the uptake of nutrients, and boosting the levels of energy.

Bio Heaven is rich in naturally age humus that offer a rich source of chelates mineral and carbon for micro-organism in the soil. The plant nutrient uptake level in the soil is normally approximately 5 to 10 percent of what is available. Chelation will increase the amount of nutrients that is available in the soil and the rise may go up to 90 percent. This will make sure that the crops have maximum access to the elements they require for productive and healthy growth.

Main Features

  • Boosts chelation for essential nutrients

  • Increased and accelerated uptake of nutrients

  • Rich carbon source for soil micro-organisms

  • Respiration, improves retention of moisture, and repairs chlorophyll

  • Boosts immunity in plants and encourages healthy growth

Bio Heaven works perfectly as a vitality and healthy booster but plays a very minimal role in increasing the overall yield and fruit mass. Highly experienced gardeners rarely use Bio Heaven because they understand how to maintain the health of their crops. However, less experience farmers find it as an ideal option of keeping their crops nourished, healthy, and minimizing the impacts of stress in plants.


You can apply this product in the 2nd week of vegetative growth all the way till two weeks before harvesting the plants. The product is specially tailored as an additive meaning you can safely apply it during each watering session and use it together with other regular fertilizers. Dilute 2 to 5ml of Bio Heaven in one liter of water and then mix it well before you feed the plants.

The NPK Ratio

Bio Heaven is very rich in amino acids and bio stimulants but has a low NPK ration of 0.92/0.18/0.24. These low levels of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen allows you to use Bio Heaven alongside bloom and grow fertilizers.

Role of Chelation

The term chelation refers to the natural process of availing certain nutrients to crops. Some of the micronutrients are not directly available to the crops and they have to create some bonds with the other molecules like organic acids to be able to transport them into the respective plants and allow them to move within the crops freely. This kind of proactive bonding hinders some micronutrients from reacting with the other elements and this makes them readily available to crops in their usable and natural state. Most of the high-quality additives and fertilizers have chelation agents to make sure that plants can absorb and use trace elements.


You can apply Bio Heaven in all substrates including soil, hydro-based systems, and coco. However, it is advisable to only use organic nutrients in soil due to the behavior that these nutrients portray.

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