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Bio Bloom | BioBizz

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Bio Bloom

Bio Bloom is an organic fertilizer that is specially designed for the fruiting and flowering development stages of your crops. It has a mix of amino acids, enzymes, micro nutrients, and macro nutrients that stimulate and encourage flowering and the production of fruits.

It is an all-organic, vegetable based complete fertilizer from BioBizz that is specially designed for application during the productive fruiting and flowering stage of crop development. The NPK ration of this solution is 2-7-4 which makes sure that it has a high concentration of potassium and phosphorous and little amounts of nitrogen to stimulate abundance in the growth of fruits and flowers.

Crop development requires a high supply of phosphorous and potassium which are key elements during the flowering and fruiting stages of development in crops. These two elements play a critical role in assisting your crops to form fruits and flowers. Normally, switching to the bloom nutrient and shifting to the flowering bright cycle with a high potassium concentration is sufficient to prompt the productive phase in the growth cycle.

Apart from potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen as the key elements, Bio Bloom also has a broad range of hormones and trace elements and also has a mix of amino acids and enzymes that are carefully selected. The formulation is tailored to enrich your soil, strengthen the crops, and work with other beneficial micro-organisms that promote vigorous and healthy production of fruits and flowers in a completely natural way. There is no need for chemical additives.


  • High levels of phosphorous and potassium that enhance flowering in plants

  • Enriched with hormones, amino acids and seventy trace elements

  • Appropriate for soil gardening growing

  • Enhances and improves the flavor of your yields

  • Entirely manufactured from vegetable extracts 

How to Apply?

Begin to apply Bio Bloom after switching your life cycle because it is fully designed for the fruiting and flowering stages. You could also use this fertilizer when the crops display the initial signs of stepping into the flowering stage. Dilute Bio Bloom at a proportion of 2 to 4 ml for each liter of water once you start using it and apply in each watering throughout the flowering period. It’s advisable to adhere to the BioBizz feeding schedule if you want to achieve the desired results.

Substrates to Use with Bio Bloom

It is ideal to use Bio Bloom in soil based mediums. The underlying factor is that organic nutrients are more efficient is soil as they arouse soil microbiological activities that increase the level of intake of nutrients and stimulate the growth and development of plants. The manufacturer also states that you can use this fertilizer with set-ups that utilize a combination of coco and soil and coco set-ups. However, it is not advisable to use this solution in hydroponics and you can find more suitable fertilizers to apply in the hydroponic systems.

Is Bio Bloom Sufficient for the Flowering Stage

This is a stand-alone fertilizer and you can technically use this product alone throughout the flowering stage and still record the expected results. However, you can still use flower boosting additives like Top Max together with Bio Bloom to enhance your harvest. 

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