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Fish Mix

Fish Mix is one of the all-organic complete fertilizer from BioBizz that is specially designed for application in all types of soil mixtures. It was among the first organic fertilizers to be introduced in the Netherlands market and has built its reputation in the global market. Most gardeners like to use it as the main plant fertilizer despite the high level of competition for organic fertilizers in the global market.

The NPK ratio for Fish Mix is 5-1-4 and you can apply it in the vegetative growth stage. However, you can use this fertilizer all the way through fruiting and flowering to promote healthy and green foliage. You can either use this solution as foliar spray or soil drench and has no chemical additives hence presenting pure natural goodness.

This fertilizer is fully extracted from Dutch sugar beet and fish emulsions from the North Sea. A large proportion of Fish Mix is extracted naturally from the concentrated form of fish which gives it a pungent smell. The good thing is that once you dilute the solution in water and mix it up for feeding, the fishy smell disappears slightly and this gives you sufficient odor or ventilation control. Therefore, you can comfortably apply this fertilizer indoors without having to run the danger of overwhelming your grow environment with a strong fishy smell.

Fish Mix boosts the development of beneficial organism in your soil and this increases the nutrients that are available for your plants which in turn accelerates their growth. You can use it in replenishing poor or old quality soil with bacterial life and can ‘fatten’ up the soil which stimulates the microbial activity.

Main features

  • Fully organic plant fertilizer

  • Enhances vegetative growth and stimulates microbes

  • Can apply it as foliar spray or soil drench

  • Manufactured by the Dutch company BioBizz

Make sure you have enough ventilation if you want to apply this fertilizer indoors for purposes of controlling the strong smell. Fish Mix serves the same purpose of stimulating soil biological activity like the Bio Grow.

How to Apply Fish Mix

Dilute approximately 2 to 5ml of Fish Mix per liter of water and apply it during each watering session. However, only use 1ml of Fish Mix per liter of water when applying it in All Mix soil. You can start applying the solution to plants that are two weeks old as long as they are showings signs for the development of first leaves. You can continue to apply this solution all the way to the end of the flowering and fruiting stage.

Dilute approximately 1 to 2 ml of the solution per liter of water when using a foliar spray and spray it on the whole plant about two times each week from the onset up to the second week of flowering. This fertilizer has been proven to work perfectly when applied as foliar spray on cuttings as it encourages healthy growing. However, you need to be extremely careful while applying any organic fertilizer as a foliar spray. This is because it comes with the danger of mold or mildew on the leaves. The gardener has the responsibility of monitoring the crops keenly.

Can You Apply Fish Mix Together with Bio Grow?

As mentioned earlier, these two products serve the same purpose. These two products play the role of promoting growth and applying them concurrently will overstuff your soil with the supply of nitrogen. Most Gardeners who find the smell of Fish Mix to be so overpowering turn to Bio Grow. However, Fish Mix tends to be richer in nutrients than Bio Grow.

The Shelve Life of Fish Mix

Fish Mix, like any other organic nutrients have a shelve life of twelve months.

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