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Root Juice Bio Bizz 1L

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Root Juice

Full organic and vegetable based root stimulator that encourages the development of new roots and boosts the growth of existing ones. Root juice is highly effective when it comes to ensuring an abundant creation of new roots when you apply it on rooted cuttings. However, you can use this product throughout the growing period so as to stimulate the production and growth of new roots. 

Root juice functions through the stimulation of biological activities that take place at the root zone to encourage the process of growth and development. Apart from boosting the growth of roots, this fertilizer accelerates and enhances the uptake of nutrients via the route system. This explains why Root Juice proves to be an efficient fertilizer throughout the entire growing cycle and not just for rooting your cuttings.

Healthy root systems come with several benefits to the development of the crops. A large and well-developed root system will result into bigger and stronger plants which translate into higher yields. Stimulation of biological activities at the root zone will improve the defense system of the crops and enhance its resistance against diseases.

Generally, Root Juice is used in soil-based systems to encourage healthy development in plants. The results of this product can be compared to some of the established products that resemble it such as Canna Rhizotonic.


Root Juice is mainly appropriate in soil based systems. According to BioBizz, you can use it for hydroponic or coco systems. However, it is efficient in systems where water is applied and changes on a daily basis. Leaving organic compounds in systems where you don’t change the water regularly will lead to fermentation which is not good for the grower.

How to Apply?

You can begin with a dosage of approximately 1 to 2ml for every liter of water when you are using this fertilizer in the early stages of crop development (the first and second week). Thereafter, you can slowly build up the concentration up to 4 to 5m per liter of water until the crops are fully established. Add Root Juice in each watering session.

If you intend to continue applying Root Juice throughout the life cycle of your crops, you can turn down to the lower dosage of approximately 1 to 2ml in each liter of water and apply it less frequently. The general guidelines stipulate that you apply it with every other watering.

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