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Top Max Bio Bizz

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Top Max

It is an all-organic stimulator that is specially designed for application during the fruiting and flowering stages of development. It is typically manufactured for applying in soil-based systems but you can also use it in hydroponics and coco-based systems. However, it is not recommended to use organic components in non-soil systems. It is advisable to go for specific substrates that are specially tailored for hydroponic systems.

Top Max increases the level of cell division in fruiting and flowering crops. This in turn increases the number and size of flowers and fruits. The solution stimulates the development of flowers by raising the level of uptake of nutrients and maximizes sugar molecules transportation to the flowers. This fertilizer frees up critical elements such as magnesium, iron, and calcium and all this stimulates the process of metabolism in crops.

Top Max has two primary constituents which include fluvic and humic acids. Several scientific studies have revealed that these acids have a significant influence on the process of metabolism in crops. Fluvic and humic acids raise the level of CO2 and ions uptake in plants and gardeners often refer them it as ‘the black agricultural gold.’ They also boost the ATP synthesis and the process of respiration in cells. You can compare the effects of fluvic and humic acids to Auxins. This is a class of crop hormones that play a critical role in the growth and development of plants.

The primary sources of fluvic and humic acids in this fertilizer are the mineraloid Leonardite that occur naturally. Leonardite has a high content of humic substances and is the main source of these acids in most of the organic crop products in the market. Top max adds a sweet and soft flavor to the fruits apart from increasing the overall yield of flowers and fruits.

Main Features

  • Increase in the uptake of CO2 and nutrient

  • Boosts production of fruits and flowers and the overall yield of the plants

  • Stimulates reproduction and cell division

  • Sweetens fruit flavor

Top Max may appear to be more expensive than other organic fertilizers but it is quite effective when it comes to boosting the overall yields in crops. Therefore, you will compensate for this initial cost through increased yields.

Biobizz Top Max Instructions

You should not use Top Max until your plants get into the second week of the flowering cycle because the solution is specially designed to enhance the production of flowers and fruits. Once your plants are in this stage, continue to use 1 to 3mls of Top Max for each liter of water during each flowering. Stop the use of Top Max a week to harvesting so that there is sufficient time for flushing and this will result into clean tasting fruits.

Is Top Max a Complete Fertilizer Product?

No, you have to use this fertilizer as an additive together with a fully bloom fertilizer. You can use Top Max alongside Bio Bloom if you have decided to go for organic nutrients. You can also use it as an additive together with other bloom fertilizers if you have the confidence of mixing nutrients or brands.

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