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Biobizz Starter Packs

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Biobizz Starter Pack

BioBizz has come up with several starter packs to assist gardeners save a lot of money when buying these organic components. These include BioBizz Indoor, Outdoor, Stimulant, BioBizz Hydroponics, and the Value Pack starter kit. All these kits come with three different products apart from the starter kit that has five.

Value Pack

It is an all-in-one set of organic fertilizers from BioBizz that gives farmers an opportunity to save a lot of money. You no longer have to buy each bottle separately as this may tend to be very expensive. This value pack comprises of 250ml Root Juice, Bio Heaven, 500ml Top Max, 1000ml organic Bloom, and 1Litre Organic grow. You will also get a 100-ml measuring jug and product description in addition to these five products. This set of products gives gardener’s remarkable savings.

>Indoor Pack

Specially designed for those gardeners who are practicing indoor gardening. This Try Pack has a complete kit of nutrients that support flowering and growth and boosts the flowering period so much. It is specially designed for soil and indoor gardening. The pack comes with 250ml Top Max, 250ml Bio Grow, and 250 ml Bio Bloom. This pack is easy to use and handle and is designed for soil and indoor growing.

Outdoor Pack

This pack is ideal if your gardening climate supports outdoor growing. This BioBizz pack is easy to combine, use, and pay. The pack comes with Top Max, Bio Bloom, and Fish Max. These contents are enough to serve one to four plants. Fish Max stimulates biological activities in your soil. These elements avail the relevant bacteria in the soil that promote healthy growth. The bacteria are rich in protein contents that are beneficial to all plants. The package has 250ml of Top Max, 250 ml of Fish Mix, and 250 ml of Bio Bloom. It is not recommended to use Fish Mix indoors because it has a very strong odor.

Stimulant Pack

Ideal for plants that require some boosting. It provides the right supplements if you wish to go a step further in pushing your crops to the maximum and attain better results. The bottles that are include in the BioBizz stimulant pack include 250ml Alg A Mic, 250ml Top Max, and 250ml Root Juice. You can use this combination in both hydroponic and organic systems. These contents can sufficiently feed one to four plants.

Hydroponics Pack

Specially tailored for hydroponic growers who wish to use organic fertilizers. These minerals will allow you to enjoy the natural taste of your crops. The BioBizz hydro pack contains 250ml of Top Max, 250ml of Bio Heave, and 250 ml of Bio Bloom. These contents can comfortably serve one to four plants. It brings together the best of these two worlds. The organic quality of BioBizz achieves amazing results even when growing in hydroponic systems. This goes against the believe that organic fertilizers are not good in hydroponic systems. 

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