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BioThrive Grow 4-3-3

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BioThrive Grow

This environmentally-friendly plant food can be employed in any garden or grow-room. Add it to your outdoor soil, add it to a potting mix or use it with your soil-free growing mediums. This safe, organic blend of ingredients enhances the development of strong roots and stems; promotes healthier plant growth and encourages the fruiting and flowering processes.

The convenient liquid formula makes it easy to prepare the proper strength concentration for any designated use. Dilute with the correct amount of H2O before use. Choose from one quart, one gallon or 2 ½ gallon containers.

  • Useful for multitude of feeding tasks.

  • Light Feed Tasks- Add 2 teaspoons to a full gallon of H2O. Reapply with each watering.

  • Heavy Feed Tasks- Combine 4 teaspoons of the product with a full gallon of H2O. Reapply with each new watering of your plants.

  • If your growing medium is lacking in calcium (poor garden soil, perlite, coco, etc.) you may have to add a calcium supplement in order to produce maximum growth results.

When using in hydroponic gardens it is recommended that 2-4 teaspoons be added to each gallon of water. Apply the enriched liquid whenever the reservoir nutrients are being changed out. Make sure that the liquid nutrient formula is being properly aerated during use.

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