grow light for plants

Grow Lights for Plants

When growing plants indoors, you need to ensure they have access to sufficient light to promote their growth at various stages. They make growing plants inside your home easy. However, best grow lights come in varied types. With different types … Read Here

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Top 4 Bud Trimmer Machine Brand

There are a lot of bud trimming machine brands available on the market, but all do not ensure quality service. Many factors need to be considered before buying them. Some are dry trimmer. Some are wet trimmer. Few supports both … Read Here

Identification and Fixation of Plant Nutrients Deficiencies

Deficiency of Plant Nutrients Identification and Fixation

All problems in plants are not necessarily a result of diseases and insects. Some of the unhealthy plants suffer from nutrient deficiencies or an over-supply of a particular nutrient. The common manifestations of plant nutrient deficiencies include distortion and discoloration … Read Here

spin pro

Spin Pro Bud Trimmer

The Spin pro bud trimmer is a manual trimming device that has a hand crack on the lid. The equipment presents an ideal trimmer for small and medium size gardening. Most people like to use this gadget for indoor projects. … Read Here

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Trimpro Bud Trimmer

Trimpro bud trimming machine has more than 11 models that assist growers in meeting the unique needs at various stages of development. The design of these trimmers comprises of branch plans that have flexible fingers on the blades to ensure … Read Here