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Best Automatic Bud Trimmer

Automatic trimming machines are good especially when business is booming and humans cannot keep up with the production. The main advantage of automatic trimming machines is that they work faster than manual trimmers. This article presents a list of top automatic bud trimmers. However, we can begin by looking at the advantages of automatic bud trimmers over manual ones.

Advantages of Automatic Trimming Machines

  • Suitable for large harvest
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Maximized time efficiency
  • Saves a lot of money
  • Highly reliable
  • Require less employees/human handling

Centurion Pro Solutions

Powerful Bud Trimmer Centurion Pro

  • 4 models increasing in power and size
  • Replaces close to 25 employees
  • High speed and precision
  • 2 horse power motors
  • High suction capabilities
  • Operated by one person
  • Can produce 40 to 60 pounds of wet material and 8 to 20 pounds of wet material per hour
  • Has triple cut systems
  • High performance and low noise
  • HD hardened steel blades
  • Magnetically held stationary blade
  • Use lubrication on the tumbler
  • Has casters to offer convenient and easy mobility
  • All parts like hopper and collector comes with the package

Twister Trimmerstwister t4 bud trimmer

  • Highly portable
  • Has powerful vacuum
  • proprietary blade geometry
  • High performance trimmer
  • Requires minimal maintenance and cleaning sessions
  • Bed knife together with rotating blades
  • Trims both wet and dry
  • Can be used mechanically or motorized
  • low-touch trimming mechanism
  • has bottom bowl to hold twigs and leaves
  • supports back to back linkage
  • high power equal to 30 scissors
  • Comes in 3 primary models
  • Easy to dissemble these trimmers
  • 3 people can run the connected systems
  • Produces uniform quality cut

TrimproTrimpro rotor xl timmer

  • 11 models for trimming at different stages of development
  • Powerful 3-phase motor
  • Only produces wet trimmers
  • Variable speed dimmer
  • Adjustable components
  • Minimal cleaning and easy use design
  • No need for sharpening or lubrication
  • Upper holding container
  • Non-stick components
  • Automatic unloading systems
  • Circular hermetic surface for a whirlwind effect
  • Single operator

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