Bud/Leaf Trimming Machine

Bud/Leaf Trimming Machine

About Bud/Leaf Trimming Machine

Today growers are able to expand their range of options to include the production of hemp, medicinal herbs and even high-dollar cannabis crops. While these plants can be major sources of revenue there is a lot of work involved, especially as harvesting time approaches.

Everyone dreams of producing large buds with superior quality. This requires the removal of outer leaves. In the past people have resorted to trimming herbs by hand. Some even hire workers just to trim the leaves.

Once those indoor crops are ready to be harvested why waste hours trying to manicure those buds and leaves by hand? A branded bud/leaf trimmer can help you amp up your harvest production without breaking the bank. With automation leaf trimming can be performed quickly and the process will effectively neaten the appearance of your finished product.

Select an automatic model that can be placed on a table or find a small trimming machine that you can operate by hand. There are also powerful leaf trimmers designed as free-standing units –ideal when high foliage volumes must be processed.

The sharpened blades used in these leaf trimming machines can neatly shear unwanted leaves in mere moments. Those all-important buds will then have the appearance of precision manicuring minus any exhaustive effort.

Growers will appreciate the simplicity of design, efficient performance and low maintenance that bud and leaf trimmers have to offer. The suction chambers use cyclonic action to contain the cuttings. Processed foliage can be gently collected and waste products can be discarded.

Magnetic latches and finely honed steel blades are just some of the additional features that contribute to the powerful leaf trimming action these machines are able to provide.

Choose a trimmer that is designed for the harvesting volume demanded by your cash crops.

Suitable for most bud/leaf trimming chores one of these machines can prove to be an efficient option to add to your growing site.

  • Trimpro Rotor Leaf Trimmer
  • Trimpro Original
  • Trimpro Workstation
  • Trimbox Leaf Trimmer

Designed to accommodate the leaf trimming needs of the larger growers these machines are ready to deliver the power and performance of any commercial growing site.

  • Trimpro Automatik XL
  • Centurion Pro/Shearline Original
  • Shearline Original 2.0
  • Centurion Pro Trimmer Silver Bullet

When you are processing a small amount of leaves and buds check out this manually operated leaf trimmer:

  • Spinpro Leaf/Bug Trimmer
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