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Bud trimmers play a critical role when it comes to providing home gardening solutions. You can use these machines to trim your flowers or buds when hand trimming is cumbersome. Bud trimmers come in various sizes depending on the nature of task you have to undertake. The machines provide a cost effective and efficient way of trimming your plants.

centurion trimmer

Key Information About Centurion Trimmers

Harvesting is the most tedious and intensive stage in the production process. Most farmers are interested in the trimming times, precision cuttings and weight of any leaf trimmer. Centurion Pro Trimmers will assist you to meet these objectives with high … Read Here

Centurion Trimmers Comparison


Centurion Trimmers


  The Mini Centurion Pro Original The Silver Bullet The Gladiator
Cuts Per Minute 25000 37500 37500 75000
Processing Capacity 6 to 8lbs per hour 8 to 12lbs per hour 8 to 12lbs per hour 12 to 24lbs per
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Centurion Trimmer

An In-depth Review of Top 5 Bud Trimmer Machine

Top Five Bud Trimmer Machine

Automation is the only way out when business is booming and human beings become unable to sustain the production. The truth of the matter is that machines work faster than people and the plant trimming … Read Here

Centurion Pro Bud Trimmer

Top 4 Leaf & Bud Trimmer Reviews

Why and which bud trimmer?

How many people who obtain perfectly manicured buds from a dispensary consider the steps involved in this preparation? They may give some thought to the role of the grower, but who thinks about the trim … Read Here