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Organic plant pest control is becoming extremely popular with growers around the world. Citrus peelings, marigolds, rosemary and chrysanthemums can be used to repel many of the harmful pests that are destroying fruits, veggies and ornamental plants. Even the use of diatomaceous earth has helped keep unwanted garden pests at bay.

If insect infestations are particularly troublesome it may be better to use a manufactured pesticide to protect shrubs, turf and plants. Consider whether powders, sprays or liquids will be better suited for your specific growing environment.

Best Plants To Repel Mosquitoes

Best Plants to Repel Mosquitoes

Plants that Mosquitoes Hate

These mosquito-repelling plants are very effective since they do not get finished or run out of stock like the synthetic ones. They are also safe to use since they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Rosemary PlantRosemary:Read Here

organic pest insect control garden

Organic Insect Control (Homemade/Natural)

Organic insect control in the garden is possible through a mixture of both natural ecosystems and preventive methods. However, complete annihilation is not the way to go. Any healthy ecosystem including gardens requires a fair share of insects for it … Read Here

Pest Control Ideas

Indoor Pest Control Products Ideas

Botanic’s Indoor Sprays are effective in controlling most insects including spider mites.

Botanics Insecticidal Spray is ten to twenty times stronger than other popular plant insecticidal sprays and has twenty percent pyrethrin. It is used and recommended in organic gardens … Read Here