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If you plan to use unfiltered water you could be exposing your garden to chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. The majority of the water being supplied to modern households is not nearly as “pure” as you might hope.
Sediment, rust particles, harmful bacteria and high levels of chlorine are only a few of the dangers that non-filtered drinking water may contain.

The addition of chlorine is intended to serve as a disinfecting agent that can eliminate bacteria and other dangerous organisms. Unfortunately chlorine residue can harm plants, upset the pH balance and even kill off beneficial insects and bacteria normally found in garden soil.

New water filtration systems are designed specifically for use by growers. These filtering units will remove chlorine and other contaminants that create such negative effects on your soil, plants and seedlings.

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Water Filter For Garden

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Hydrologic Water-filters

Home Water Filter System

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Pre Evolution and RO1000

Water Purification Systems for Plants

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