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Key Information About Centurion Trimmers

Harvesting is the most tedious and intensive stage in the production process. Most farmers are interested in the trimming times, precision cuttings and weight of any leaf trimmer. Centurion Pro Trimmers will assist you to meet these objectives with high levels of efficiency.

These devices are well known for their small, fast and light features. The trimmers are simple to use and easy to clean. No wonder these machines are considered to be the innovation leader in the next generation trimming machines within the industry. In fact, one of the centurion Pro trimmers (The Centurion Pro Original) is the winner if the 2012 High Times Magazine Stash Award.

Centurion has four models which include the Centurion Pro Mini, Silver Bullet, Gladiator, and Centurion Pro Original. Each one has unique features that meet different medicinal cannabis harvesting needs. However, some of these attributes cut across all models of the centurion trimmers. Here are some of the features that you will find in all Centurion Pro trimmers. You will discover that centurion pro trimmers will meet your needs irrespective of the size of your plantation and the trimming speed you want to achieve.

Why Centurion Trimmer:

  • Better choice than manual trimming because of time and man power. It can replace work of 15-40 workers which can save time and money thus quick return investment.
  • Support both dry and wet trimming needs and you simply switch between wet and dry trimming options within minutes.
  • Latest engineering technology used in each machine based on your need.
  • High quality parts used for long lasting for example D2 hardened steel blade and the quantanium nonstick tumbler drum.
  • Award winning trimmer brand.
  • Good for large industrial operations.
  • Delivers a gentle and precise cut
  • Elegant engineering and tight trim
  • Innovative hydroponics
  • Require minimal maintenance and cleaning sessions
  • Silencer that reduces 30% of the trimming noise
  • Easy to use and comes at an affordable price
  • Machines come with a 3 year warranty for defective parts and the motor.
  • High volume per hour cut
  • Gentle and precise cut

Here is the key information about some /popular centurion trimmer models from Elite Trimming Technology

  1. The Centurion Pro Mini

  • Replaces close to 15 employees.
  • Has a compact design
  • Device has 11 high-quality D2 hardened steel blades
  • Capacity of 25000 cuts per minutes
  • Machine weight 65lbs
  • 1.5hp motor
  1. The Centurion Pro Original

  • Does the work of 15 to 20 employees
  • Weight 90lbs
  • 37500 cuts per minutes
  • 3hp motor
  1. The Silver Bullet

  • Replaces 20 trimming employees
  • 37500 cuts per minutes
  • Has a silencer
  • Inbuilt Marine Grade Infinity Bluetooth Stereo
  • Weight 90lbs
  • 3hp motor
  1. The Gladiator

  • Replaces 40 trimming employees
  • Provides over 75000 cuts per minute
  • Best for large plantations
  • Designed for large industrial operations.
  • Weight 150lbs
  • 4hp motor

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