Hydrologic Water-filters

Home Water Filter System

Hydrologic home drinking water filtration offer the consumer a stunning array of product options. You can find reverse osmosis (RO) set-ups, H2O pumps, color-coded tubing and de-chlorination units that are designed to produce water that is clear, pure and safe for use in any setting.

You will discover that this company offers a number of water purification units that are specifically created for hydroponic/garden and farm settings. There are additional models designed for residential use. Commercial growers will discover larger filtering units that are capable of processing thousands of gallons of water each hour.

Hydrologic even creates H2O systems that can be adapted for use with swimming pools or aquariums. It appears that the varied demand for these water filtering devices includes small hobby farmers, the casual gardener and major manufacturing companies. These high-tech H2O systems are even being used by the Coast Guard.

Company Facts

The majority of products/components are US sourced and manufactured. The Evolution-RO1000 is a 100% USA product and has achieved recognition for being the most efficient and effective of all reverse osmosis systems now being sold. The HyperLogic is another USA manufactured product.

Dedicated to being a “green” company, Hydrologic uses as many sustainable materials as possible. One example of their eco-friendly values can be seen in their minimization of “mined-carbon”. The company uses a technology that can create green-filter components from coconut fibers.

With a patented “reverse ratio” technique Hydrologic has created RO equipment that reduces drain waste by 50-75 per cent. Hyper-Logic is just one of the more efficient reverse osmosis water purification set-ups that the company has introduced to the world.

The list of features that make Hydrologic RO/de-chlorination systems so popular include

  • Environmentally-Friendly Company/Product Line
  • Quality Construction
  • Powerful Filtration Performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Streamlined Design
  • Simple Set-up and Operation
  • Units can be adapted for use in a variety of environments
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Affordable Units for any Budget

Hydrologic Products

Top sellers in the Hydrologic line include the

  • Eco Spring (Home Water Purifier)
  • Stealth RO100 (Customized Filter 200 GPD)
  • Tall Boy (Outdoor De-Chlorinator)
  • Evolution RO1000 (High Flow Reverse Osmosis System)
  • Big Boy (Extra Flow De-Chlorinator)
  • The Small Boy

Each of these water filtering units has been designed to provide the user with convenience, performance and superior filtration results.  There are even water purifiers that can be attached to garden hoses, and some purifiers are so compact in design that they can be stashed in a backpack.


Expansion, conversion and individualization of water filtering systems can be readily accomplished. There are add-on kits, upgraded filters, splitters, valves and color-coded tubing that you can purchase if you want to customize a chosen water purification unit. The company even produces testing units, gauges and other RO accessory items that can be used as replacements or upgrades.

Customers can also choose to enhance the power of the equipment with selected add-on components. For instance some models such as the Stealth 100/200 are equipped with a standard “green” carbon filter but this can upgraded to a KDF filter for longer-lasting performance.

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