garden water filter

Water Filter For Garden

Water is an element of life since no life can thrive without its sufficient intake. Plants are living things and need water to grow well and reproduce. Water filter systems use a biological or chemical process or a fine physical … Read Here

Centurion pro silver bullet

Best Automatic Bud Trimmer

Automatic trimming machines are good especially when business is booming and humans cannot keep up with the production. The main advantage of automatic trimming machines is that they work faster than manual trimmers. This article presents a list of top … Read Here

centurion trimmer

Key Information About Centurion Trimmers

Harvesting is the most tedious and intensive stage in the production process. Most farmers are interested in the trimming times, precision cuttings and weight of any leaf trimmer. Centurion Pro Trimmers will assist you to meet these objectives with high … Read Here

Centurion Trimmers Comparison

Centurion Trimmers

  The Mini Centurion Pro Original The Silver Bullet The Gladiator
Cuts Per Minute 25000 37500 37500 75000
Processing Capacity 6 to 8lbs per hour 8 to 12lbs per hour 8 to 12lbs per hour 12 to 24lbs
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Front Yard Gardening Tips

Front Yard Gardening Tips

A front yard is the grassy portion of land between the front of your house and the street. The main dominant utilitarian features of the front yard include a recreation area and decorative features. You have to landscape your front … Read Here