Stonewool for hydroponic growing

Why Rockwool for Hydroponic Growing?

Starting Plant Solution (Cuttings/Seedlings)

Rockwool are sterile mediums for hydroponic crop growing with pre-cut holes meant to hold the cuttings or seedlings to be re-potted. Each cube is produced in an identical sturdiness, density, and flexibility to guarantee the uniform spread of WC, EC, and pH.

It provides excellent benefits such as a seemingly effortless propagation of crops, an even distribution of nutrients, easy management of WC, exceptional root growth, and increased firmness of stems thus easing handling of the crops. While the rock wool from other manufacturers on the market is produced from the same batch, it made from different fibers. This is done to ensure that plants are supported in all growth stages.

It has the immense capacity that is essential for absorbing as many nutrients and water as possible while maintaining enough oxygen to sustain rapid growth. The graduated sizes of stone wool make it easy to transfer seedlings from cubes to blocks and eventually onto slabs if need be. Gardeners can also transfer the seedlings from the cubes to other traditional mediums.

These cubes have to be soaked or conditioned before planting. Growers apply the cubes in different ways. Some will keep plants in these blocks until roots begin to show at the bottom after which they re-pot the crops into larger systems. Other gardeners growing smaller plants will keep those crops in the cubes until they are mature for harvesting.

It has a control range of 55 – 80% and is suitable for the propagation of vegetables and flowers.

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