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Unlocking the Unique Mysteries of Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Ultimate Indoor Growing Solution

Maximize crop yields for indoor gardens with your choice of uniquely streamlined secret jardin grow tents.  With their light-weight design, affordable pricing and specialized features SJ tents allow you to maintain those precise levels of temperature, humidity and air circulation. Dedicated growers are now relying upon these enclosures to continuously provide their indoor plants with the exact conditions necessary for healthy growth and development.

The combination of creative technology, convenience and innovative tent features guarantee that your plants are going to be poised to achieve their full potential. Choose a design that suits your planting needs, available floor space and discover the positive difference that these grow-chambers are able to bring to the table.

Product Details

  • Waterproof lining
  • Rust-resistant framing
  • Light-reflective covering
  • 95% reflective cloth used for interior surfaces
  • Mylar fabric (hammered diamonds) improves intensity and distribution of available interior lighting
  • Interior is designed to provide 100% light-proof protection
  • Fabric is created to provide a natural barrier against phthalate toxins
  • Accessory bars for equipment support (up to 66 pounds of weight)
  • Washable
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and odors
  • Simple assembly
  • Company backed guarantee of customer satisfaction
  • Products have been tested for quality and durability
  • Designed to promote vigorous, healthy growth of indoor crops

Available Models

There are several different grow- tent styles from which you can choose your favorite. Current secret jardin models include

  • DarkRoom
  • Orca (Intense)
  • DarkDryer
  • Dark Propagator
  • Crystal
  • HydroShoot
  • SJ Twin unit
  • Dark Street

*Sizes range from smaller, portable units that accommodate a few plants to the larger styles that are designed for serious indoor gardening efforts.

Scope of Use

Secret Jardin has been designed for a wide range of uses.  Although these enclosures are intended for indoor use they are versatile enough to be placed in other locations. Cultivate seedlings, nurture the development of young sprouts,  or select a tent that can accommodate the size and growth needs of large, mature plants. There is even the SJ DarkDryer that can be used specifically with the harvesting and drying of buds/leaves/flowers.

*Each of the grow tents is shipped with full assembly instructions and user directions.

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