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Spin Pro Bud Trimmer

The Spin pro bud trimmer is a manual trimming device that has a hand crack on the lid. The equipment presents an ideal trimmer for small and medium size gardening. Most people like to use this gadget for indoor projects. The trimmer also makes use of rubber fingers that role the flowers in a stainless steel grate. Additionally, this trimmer has blades below the grate that get rid of any unwanted leaves. You just spin the handle a few times and the trimmer will start trimming. You should twist the spin pro at least 15 times once you put the wet material you want to trim.


  • 23 Replacement wires
  • Can do the work of 2 to 10 people
  • Medical grade stainless steel Japanese components
  • Stainless gearbox
  • Simple design
  • Less trimming noise
  • Mixing bottom bowl for catching material
  • Solid mold rubber grill mounting
  • Top grate with blades for cutting for cutting off excess material
  • Approximately 16 Inches wide
  • Top rubber fingers that move the material that need to be cut around
  • Fully mechanical with no electric parts
  • Comes with additional blades
  • Handle to move the trimmer round
  • Rubber pieces manufactured from high quality food grade rubber
  • Dish washer proof parts that are efficient to clean
  • Dual wire built in and two quad blades
  • Kit includes a trim pro automatic motor


spinpro electric trimmer

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comes with one-year warrant
  • Easy to maintain and clean with dish water or clean water including the rubber components
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Can trim up to 2 ounces of wet material in 5 minutes
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Saves trimming and harvesting time
  • Efficient given that the blades make four turns for each single turn on the crank


  • One turn of crank: Four turns of gears
  • 1-5lbs per hour
  • Mechanical motor
  • Manual power


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  2. Spinpro Electric Trimmer
  3. Spinpro Trimmer Motor
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