trimpro automatik xl

Trimpro Bud Trimmer

Trimpro bud trimming machine has more than 11 models that assist growers in meeting the unique needs at various stages of development. The design of these trimmers comprises of branch plans that have flexible fingers on the blades to ensure that they roll flowers without causing any damage. Some of the Twister models make use of the whirlwind airflow feature to move the flower buds across the machine..


  • Electric trimmer
  • Perfect cutting precision
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Wet trim design only
  • Can replace 5 to 20 trimming employees
  • Reduced trimming noise
  • Variable speed dimmer
  • Upper holding container
  • Aluminum frame
  • Non-stick coated-steel standard grates
  • Powerful 3-phase motor
  • Circular hermetic region to provide the whirlwind effect
  • Height adjustable blades
  • Tempered steel blades
  • Rubber blades


  • You can set your preferences while working on specific plants due to the adjustable trim height, roller fingers, rotor speed and air flow
  • The nonstick grates allow for easy cleaning
  • Does not require sharpening of blades or lubrication
  • Has precise, careful and efficient trimming methods to produce high-quality results
  • Devices have waste management control


  • 25 pounds of harvested material per hour
  • 120 or 240 volts
  • Single motor
  • 2-6lbs per hour


trimpro rotor med plus workstation

Trimpro rotor med plus workstation

  • Automatik
  • Trimbox and workstation
  • Rotor XL
  • Rotor and workstation
  • Rotor + Med Workstation
  • Automatic XL
  • Rotor Leaf Trimmer
  • Workstation
  • Original
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