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Water Purification Systems for Plants

Water filtration and treatment is extremely important for healthy indoor and hydroponic gardens. Since water and nutrients are the main source of nourishment for the plants in hydroponics, it requires proper treatment before preparing a nutrient solution for feeding the plants.

The nature of untreated water may differ from one region to another, depending upon the level of contamination, hardness etc. Impure water can lead to deficiency symptoms, bacterial growth and mineral toxicity in the crops resulting in poor yield or damage. A secure water purification system effectively removes the impurities, maintaining the right pH balance to ensure that the water is suitable for preparing the nutrient solution for the plants.

Major Hazardous Water Contaminants

Chlorine: Chlorine in pure form and in compounds raises the acidic level of water and interferes with the normal pH balance. This can cause potential damage to the crops. It is necessary to maintain a chlorine level as low as possible. The chlorine sensitive plants can be affected by leaf burn problems. Hence, the chlorine level in the water should be less than 20ppm for such plants. The de-chlorinator treatment is recommended for the healthy growth of the crops.

Microbial Organisms: The untreated water may contain pathogens such as Pythium, bacteria and other microorganisms that gradually lead to the emergence of plant diseases. Water purification systems remove the microorganisms effectively ensuring health and safety for the crops.

Minerals: Minerals are essential for the proper development and growth of the plants, provided that the water contains the right balance for the particular crop. The high mineral contamination can adversely affect the plants and even destroy the crops. For instance, high concentration of Sulfur compounds in water can raise the chances of photo toxicity problems.

Hardness: Hard water can pose problems of sediment deposits in the pipes and other water transportation channels, causing blockage in the entire water supply system for the plants. Water hardness is treated to remove the calcium deposits and make it compatible for use in the gardening process.

Water Treatment Systems for Indoor Gardening

Water to be used for feeding the plants can be purified using water treatment equipment such as purification systems or mixing some water treatment solutions. The purification system is highly recommended by hydroponic experts. Following are two major water treatment products used in hydroponic gardens:

De-chlorinator and Sediment Water Filter/Purifiers: The de-chlorinator removes about 99 percent chlorine contaminants present in the water. In addition to this, it is also used to remove up to 90 percent of silts, sediments, and rust from the water. The Small Boy De-chlorinator from the HydroLogic brand is built to filter 60 gallons of water in an hour.

Note: The de chlorinator systems do not remove contaminants like arsenic, chemicals, and pharmaceutical residues present in the water. Use the UV sterilizer or the Reverse Osmosis system to ensure complete purification. It does not remove the bacteria and other microorganisms present in water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters: Those filters work in two steps-

  • Removes up to 98 percent of the contaminants, including iron and other sediments from the water using the Reverse Osmosis process and carbon filtration method.
  • Channelizes the clean water through a modern engineered mineralization system to maintain the low concentration (15-30 ppm) mineral balance of essential elements such as iron, magnesium, sulfur, calcium etc.

pH Monitoring Equipment

Purified water is very important for watering the indoor plants for healthy growth. But the problem of pH level fluctuation in plant nutrients and water is an important factor that requires monitoring every day. As the water keeps evaporating, the pH level of the nutrient solution increases. Use pH measurement equipment such as a BlueLab pH Pen to check the pH levels every day.

HydroLogic Filtration Systems for Hydroponic Gardening

hydrologic reverse osmosis(ro)One of the premier brands selling filtration equipment for watering hydroponic plants.

Valued for introducing advanced water treatment equipment this organization proudly stands as the most trusted brand owner developing water treatment systems for commercial and domestic hydroponic units.

Some wonderful products such as Evolution RO1000 Reverse Osmosis systems have gained supreme popularity among the users.

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