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BlueLab Combo Meter (pH, EC, Temperature)

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BlueLab Combo Meter

It helps the user track those essential growing parameters necessary for a successful garden. Soil Conductivity Levels- Temperatures-pH Values

Use the self-calibrating Bluelab Guardian to gain a better understanding of those indoor growing conditions. By collecting temperature, pH and conductivity values you can quickly identify any potential issues and make appropriate changes/adjustments before any serious growing problems arise.

The optimal growing conditions will change throughout the life cycle of any plant. Being able to monitor these conditions will allow you the opportunity to consistently tailor the parameters of the grow-room environment to suit the needs of your plants.

Product Features

  • International power supply

  • Water-resistant construction

  • Safe Range displayed in Green LED lights

  • Display data is clear and easily readable

  • Push-button pH calibration

  • Select values relating to conductivity and temperature (no calibration necessary)

  • Silent Alarm alerts user to low/high values 

  • Memory retains selected settings in the event of power failure/interruption

  • Temperature (automatic compensation)

*Product purchase includes a 2 year guarantee (provided by Bluelab)

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