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Bluelab Dosetronic Controller

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Bluelab Dosetronic Controller

Optimize your end results with this complete Kit offered by a recognized brand in the market such as Blue Lab.
By using this great Blue Lab kit that contains every piece you need to set up an accurate nutrient feeding system, you will gain freedom and security because you know that your plants are being taken care off. The Blue Lab Dorsetronic is one of the highest and most accurate controllers in the market, plus is one of the most complete systems!

Optimize up to 90% off your crop performance and forget about the high maintenance manual schedules. This is the ultimate solution for an accurate readings of PH, temperature and conductivity in your hydroponic systems.
Is very easy to use and you will be glad that you invested in this product. In the end the your investment is going to pay off with higher yields.

This system is set up exactly accordingly to the size of your tank, so all you need to do is set it up and after that its ready to go.
This complete Dorsetronic Kit includes; Dorsetronic controller plus power supplies, temperature power in and power out cables, ATC PH probe, Conductivity and temperature probe, cable connection and triple peridoser, conductivity and ph probe maintenance kit, sample board, fitting kit and a complete instruction manual.

You just need to set up the controller with the nutrients and PH that you want on your system and the dosing intervals that will suit the perfect size on your tanks, this process will be establish by the high quality peristaltic pumps.
This system will definitely be the solution for your busy schedule and it will take care of all the hard work involved in growing.

This system works by using high conductivity and PH probes , it will control every single detail including the strength of the solutions being use in your system. If the system detects that the levels of PH are too high, it will automatically trigger the dosing of more nutrients or PH corrector until the levels are back to normal.

This System comes with two different dosing systems. The first one is meant to be use for commercial purposes and the other one is normally used for small hobby systems.

The dosing controller is perfect for use in recirculating systems because of many reason and here are some of them;
This system has a large easy to read display that can be adjusted and all the probes are replaceable and removable. You can select conductivity and temperature and temperature alarm that will prevent nutrient dosing.

These are just some of the many benefits from this full system.
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