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Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH)

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Bluelab Probe Care Kit (pH)

Accuracy and proper function are crucial when you are checking pH values in any growing medium.  With Bluelab Probe Care (pH) kits users are given the tools and instructions necessary to obtain accurate readings.

A common problem that growing enthusiasts encounter is that of incorrect pH values that result from the use of contaminated probes. Calculating the true amount of acidity or alkalinity is dependent on probes that are both clean and functional. Just wiping the dirt from a probe is not enough to prevent cross-contamination.

The probe has a sensitive surface area is subject to a variety of contaminants. Interference with data transmission can occur even in the presence of a small amount of residue from a previous reading. Tiny contaminants that cling to the probe can definitely cause future results to be inaccurate.

When you take the time to properly clean the surface you can be assured that the pH readings are going to be extremely accurate. Thorough cleaning of probes is also a factor in maintaining the usability of pH equipment.

All growers need an affordable way to ensure that soil probes are not calculating incorrect results due to superficial contaminants. These probe care kits by Bluelab are the ideal solution.

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