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BlueLab Soil pH Probe

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BlueLab Soil pH Probe

It offers user-convenience, precise results and reliable performance that all gardeners will be able to appreciate. When there is any question about the pH soil readings that you are collecting you may want to re-calibrate the equipment. You could also replace the probe if necessary.

Waterproof construction allows this probe to be used with house plants, nursery seedlings and even pasture crops. Measure the pH of potting mixtures and other types of growing-mediums. When direct pH tests are required this probe can be placed into action.


  • Connect this Bluelab Soil pH Probe with your other gardening products (Bluelab pH Meter/ Combo Meter)

  • Gel-filled interior

  • Waterproof construction

  • Waterproof cable joint

  • Bullet-shaped design allows for easy cleaning

  • Sturdy polypropylene barrel  

  • Maintenance-free probes can be replaced as necessary

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Manufacturer Bluelab